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National Construction Code on myBIG

myBIG has access to the current National Construction Code 2019.

Included in myBIG's access to the NCC 2019 is: volume 1, amendment 1, and volume 2, amendment 1, of the Building Code of Australia; volume 3, amendment 1, of the Plumbing Code of Australia; and the Guide to Volume 1. 

On the 1st of September the NCC 2022 will come into effect. The NCC 2022 is currently available on myBIG in a preview format. For more information on how to use the NCC 2022, refer to this information on the Australian Building Codes Board website:

We’ve released NCC 2022

What’s new about NCC 2022

How to use NCC 2022 – a close look at Volume Two and the Housing Provisions