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myBIG is the Building Information Gateway, an essential tool for participants in the building and construction industry seeking to achieve quality building outcomes.

There is something big for everyone.

Professionals, Builders, Contractors, Tradespeople

Industry best practices for specifying and building in wet areas

Master Builders Waterproofing Guides - Books 1 to 4   

Plus, an ever-expanding library of technical resources

The easy way to stay on top of the latest building codes and standards

myBIG is an online service that makes it simple to comply with building codes and standards so you can deliver quality. 

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Search, bookmark, and save the most popular Australian Standards.

Builders & Contractors

Find the latest building codes and best practice guides.


Search and save data sheets, catalogues, checklists, and safety data sheets.

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Best practice guides

Unrestricted access to the best practice documents issued for industry, including the waterproofing guides. 

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