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November 2023 Library Update - Research Papers

The myBIG library is constantly growing with new content.

Now included on myBIG are research papers in the fields of productivity, quality management systems, waterproofing, mental health, sustainability, and mesothelioma.

Research papers are peer-reviewed articles published in reputable, open access academic journals.

These articles are researched and written by experts, and undertake an extensive review process by other experts, to ensure their quality.

Peer-reviewed articles all share the following features:

  • Published in a scholarly journal
  • Measured, thoughtful tone
  • An abstract on the first page (this summarises the entire article into a paragraph-long snapshot)
  • Organised by headings (ie: Introduction, Methodology and Data, Results And Discussion, Conclusions)
  • Credentialed authors, affiliated with research institute or university

Drivers of Productivity: a Case Study of the Australian Construction Industry

Wages and research and development expenditure were found to drive construction productivity at the national level and expenditure on research and development and the number of apprentices were found to be drivers of construction productivity in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Understanding and enhancing responses to distress in the construction industry: protocol for a data linkage study

This research aims to understand the characteristics, including sociodemographic characteristics, health services utilisation and contacts with non-clinical services, of individuals working within the construction industry and who experience distress, and to quantify the costs and benefits of different help-seeking pathways.

Construction Workforce’s Mental Health: Research and Policy Alignment in the Australian Construction Industry

The Australian construction industry is facing a mental health crisis; poor mental health indicators are significantly higher than the all-industry average. This paper addresses the knowledge gap by reporting the results of a systematic review of peer-reviewed mental health research and reveals significant misalignment between existing research and Australian government regulation.

Selecting a Suitable Sustainable Construction Method for Australian High-Rise Building: A Multi-Criteria Analysis

This research aims to identify the most suitable sustainable construction method for high-rise building construction in Australia; results show that the off-site construction method and robotic construction technique significantly improve the construction performance of high-rise construction in Australia.

Suicide trends among Australian construction workers during years 2001–2019

This study provides evidence of a decline in suicide rates among Australian construction workers over the last two decades; this decline may be attributable to the combined effects of population-wide, male-specific, and sector-specific suicide prevention efforts over this same period, suggesting that the continuation or expansion of such efforts may lead to further declines.

Waterproofing practices in Australia for building construction

This paper aims to discuss Standards and Codes; membrane systems and performance, waterproofing practices, design and installation techniques, inspection and testing and quality assurance adopted by the waterproofing industry in Australia.

An Exploration Of Factors Influencing Quality Management System (Qms) Implementation: The Case Of The Australian Construction Industry

This research primarily aims to investigate an inclusive list of factors impacting on quality management system deployment in the construction industry building sector by focusing exclusively on the external factors and the critical success factors of project level in order to develop a comprehensive framework of quality management system deployment.

Mesothelioma in Australia: cresting the third wave

Proposes approaches to obtaining the information needed to properly estimate the risk of third-wave asbestos exposures, and guide actions that will crest a likely third-wave with minimum harm and cost to the community.

myBIG will continue to add relevant research papers as they are published.

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